Lady Gaga Shares Health Update: ‘Tough Girl on the Mend’

Gaga is feeling better and looking great in a series of new social media posts.

By Doug Lazy on October 13, 2017

By Scott T. Sterling

Lady Gaga is feeling better and getting back to doing what she loves: making music and being fierce.

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The singer, who was forced to postpone a series of tour dates due to pain from the debilitating disease fibromyalgia, has shared a series of posts showing fans that she’s a “tough girl on the mend.”

“Nothing like studio therapy,” Gaga said on Instagram, thanking Juicy Couture for the new outfit she’s sporting in the picture. “Had so much fun in the studio. Made me feel like a star đŸ’« like the ones in the sky, you know..the real kind.”

“Slowly coming back to life. With some exciting tour announcements on the way!” Gaga said in a separate post, shouting out Saks Potts for the for the glamorous coat and sparkly boots she’s wearing.

In a third post where she’s still clad in the Sak Potts outfit, the singer simply wrote: “Tough girl on the mend.”

See Lady Gaga’s rescheduled European tour dates here.

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