When Your Kids Order Things Without Asking, You Get A Horse

A teen gave her grandmother one heck of a surprise when a horse turned up and was dropped off at her home.

By on May 14, 2018
(Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

True story. A teen ordered a horse online (sort of), and had it shipped to her grandmother’s house. Yes, the horse was dropped off later, with no explanation.

So the story goes that a teen saw an ad online for the horse. The ad said that if nobody claimed the horse, it would be taken to be put down. The teen basically “ordered” the horse through the ad, and it was later dropped off at grandma’s house in obvious need of care. The horse was underweight and covered in mites, and showed clear signs of neglect. Luckily, after grandma got in touch with the RSPCA, the horse was given to World Horse Welfare, which is a charity that cares for horses. The previous owners of the horse haven’t been found, though it seems like the horse, “Mr. Melvin Andrews,” is in good hands. See more on Mr. Melvin Andrews here.

This begs the question though – what have your kids ordered without your permission? Did they sneak your credit card, or do you have the “one-click” ordering option activated on your Amazon? Some of the things other parents have reported include various toys and cookies. One girl ordered 7-pounds of cookies AND a $170 dollhouse. Oops. Another case involves a parrot who once ordered some random gift boxes. See some more unintentional stories here.

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