Justin Timberlake Signaled Ellen DeGeneres At Halftime Show [VIDEO]

Ellen DeGeneres asked Justin Timberlake to give her a sign during his halftime show at this year’s Big Game to show he was thinking of her. He delivered.

By WKBW on February 8, 2018
justin timberlake
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for People’s Choice Awards)

Ellen DeGeneres interviewed Justin Timberlake before his halftime show at this year’s Big Game. She had a favor to ask of him since they’re close friends. She asked that he give her a signal during his performance that he was thinking of her.

Ellen asked:

“Justin will you do me a favor? I know there’s a lot going on in your life right now, but during the performance, if you could give some kind of signal to show you’re thinking of me?”

Justin didn’t even hesitate to agree and already started thinking of what the signal should be, says Billboard. They went with a shoulder tap and sexy belly rub, and he totally delivered.

Watch the interview and Justin’s signal to Ellen during his halftime show below.

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