Johnny Cash Documentary Highlighting Folsom Prison Concerts In Works

A new Johnny Cash documentary is in the works with award-winning producers and director on board. The doc highlights Cash’s set list from Folsom Prison.

By Admin on January 16, 2018
johnny cash
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

A new Johnny Cash documentary is in the works, with Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall on board. Furthermore, Thom Zimny, who created award-winning music documentaries on Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Presley, is directing.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Cash’s famous Folsom Prison performance. The yet untitled documentary will follow a story anchored by his Folsom Prison concert set list. Most noteworthy is that it also has the full support of the Cash estate, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Consequently, the documentary will likely reveal more information about the life and times of Cash than previously known.

Zimny said in a statement:

“While the linear narrative of the Folsom Prison performances will anchor our film, each song in the set list will open a door into a nonlinear presentation of Cash’s emotional, musical and personal development.”

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison is also making its way into the Grammy Hall of Fame, according to CMT.

Cash died in 2003, and his legacy lives on today not only in country, but as a part of the arts as a whole. Maybe Folsom’s new Johnny Cash Trail will be featured!

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