Haunted Places In Sacramento To Go Ghost Hunting

From homes that witnessed brutal murders, to buildings housing the spirits of the past, here’s where to go ghost hunting in Sacramento

By Sarah Kuta on October 19, 2017
(Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

Looking for a scare this Halloween? You might want to check out some of these haunted places located right here in Sacramento………

  1. The Sacramento City Library
    Employees at this library have to deal with doors opening and shutting, books getting pulled out by themselves, and entire library shelves disappearing and reappearing all on their own. The Sacramento Room in the library is said to have the most paranormal activity, so that should be your first stop if you dare to visit.
  2. The Leland Stanford Mansion
    This 19,000 square foot mansion lies in the heart of downtown Sacramento, and it’s said to be haunted by the spirit of the Leland Stanford Jr. who passed away from typhoid fever at the age of 15-years-old. His father’s experience with the ghost of his son lead him to build Stanford University in 1891.
  3. The Sacramento Theatre Company
    This building is the home of at least five ghosts, but possibly more! The most famous spectral resident, however, is Pinky, the supposed ghost of a former stagehand who’s apparition reportedly gives off a pink glow. Other spooky things in the building include mysterious footsteps, flickering lights, and the shadow of a man walking the halls.
  4. Old Sacramento State Historic Park
    Old Town Sacramento is reportedly full of ghosts from across the ages. This busy part of the city is full of historic buildings that house restless spirits, and an episode of the television show Ghost Hunters was even filmed there!
  5. Old Sacramento Tunnels
    Few things are spookier than abandoned underground tunnels, so it’s no surprise people have felt an unknown presence here. According to legends, the tunnels underneath Old Sacramento were the original streets of the city they were raised to prevent flooding. People have felt a menacing feeling while walking in them, and unexplained noises have been heard emanating from within.
  6. Dorothea Puente House
    This haunted house was owned by the infamous Dorothy Puente (a.k.a. “The Death House Landlady”), a woman convicted of murdering her senior citizen tenants and burying them in her backyard so she could cash their social security checks. Photos in the house have shown abnormalities and other paranormal activity, and we’re not surprised at all…
  7. The Martinez House
    This location was the site of a brutal mass murder, where a man killed everyone living in his home; this included his entire family, his house staff, and even the family cat. Since being bought in the 70s, people have reported seeing apparitions of a man in a lab coat, a woman in a flower dress, children, and a cat…..
  8. The Sacramento City Cemetery
    It’s probably not surprising to hear that a cemetery is considered haunted, but this one in particular has had it’s fair share of ghost-sighting. People have reported seeing a ghostly dog that follows them until disappearing, a couple dressed in black, and ghost girl that plays next to her grave.
  9. Julia Morgan House (Goethe House)
    Since the 1990s, people have heard the sound of children crying within this home when no one was there, as well as seeing apparitions of a man in a top hat. Cats reportedly get scared of what appears to be nothing after entering the building, and a mysterious presence has been felt in the hallways.
  10. Iceland Ice-Skating Rink
    The oldest ice rink in Sacramento is the home of “Pops” Kerth, the ghost of current Sacramento city councilman Rob Kerth. Many have seen his ghost wandering the halls, and he’s reportedly most active at 4 a.m.
  11. Sand Cove Park
    This park appears to be the home of a ghostly woman who has been heard saying “te papa” in an area near the Sacramento river. Ghostly lights have also been spotted around the park, and some believe the place used to be the home of a mine shaft or a burial ground.

Courtesy of Haunted Places. Head here to see even more haunted places in the area to scare yourself at.

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