This Guy Kicked A Bear To Scare It Off

A bear got into the home in Lake Tahoe where this guy, Johnny Bolton, was staying, and instead of panicking he just casually kicked it.

By DAVID on July 3, 2018
(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

What would you do if you came home to a bear in your living room? I’d probably have a mild accident, and very likely turn around and run. You may do the same. Maybe you’d grab some sort of rifle if you have one and try to handle it that way. Not this guy – he didn’t do either one of those things.

He kicked it. Johnny Bolton kicked a bear that broke into the house where he was staying. Now, if you ask me, this guy has some stuff the size of – well, you get my drift. It happened near Lake Tahoe, and the story will probably live on forever. The guy was actually staying at his buddy’s cabin up there when he heard a loud crashing sound. He assumed there was some kind of bear, so he went down stairs to check things out. He brought a blow horn, “just in case it was a bear.”

It was. Although he didn’t see the bear right away. He was closing the front door after inspecting things, thinking everything was fine. As he turned around, the bear was standing right there behind him. He says the bear then lurched forward to attack. Without hesitating, and likely after pooping a little, Johnny kicked the bear. “I did a jump kick and hit him square in the sternum,” he says.

I turn around and I’m 3 feet from a bear. I blast the horn, the bear goes up on its hind legs, so fight or flight, right? Adrenaline is pumping and there is no flight available — I’ve closed the door behind me… The bear lunges at me and I did a jump kick and hit him square in the sternum and knocked the bear backwards, but not very far. It was a big bear.

Now THAT’S a story worth hanging onto for a long time. After telling his story, Johnny ended with what we were all thinking. “When I kicked the bear, the bear urinated… When the whole thing was over I kind of checked, ‘Did I? I think I might have.’ And I didn’t. So only one of us wet himself but it was the bear,” he said.

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