Family Shares Video Driving Through Fire As They Evacuate Paradise, CA

It’s absolutely horrible that anyone has to go through the experience of a fire. Nevermind a wildfire that grew in size so quickly, trapping so many people from getting out and destroying so many homes and businesses. This family, the family of Brynn Chatfield, made it out of the Camp Fire. But it was a very tense few minutes as they drove through land that was already engulfed.

A truly terrifying experience. Some of the smoke was just impossible to see through, I can’t imagine being the driver in the video. Gladly, they made it through, and the absolute sudden change in scenery once they make it out of the fire is breathtaking. The stark difference, and such defined line of where the fire line stops is hard to get a grasp on. An amazing, terrifying, and tense video. Here’s some more information on the fire.

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