Ed Sheeran Discusses Bike Accident, Plants Seeds for Next Record

“It still aches but I’m able to play shows now, so I’m happy about that,” he says of his arm injury.

By Doug Lazy on November 13, 2017

By Annie Reuter

Ed Sheeran recently relaunched his tour in Asia following a bicycle accident that broke one of his arms and injured the other. While he’s still in pain from the injuries, he’s playing full sets every night and refuses to give up biking anytime soon.

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“It still aches but I’m able to play shows now, so I’m happy about that,” he told  Time Out Singapore. “I’m going to ride bicycles again, I’m going to ski, I’m going to go on skateboards. If I’m going to break my arm then I’m going to break my arm. Nothing’s going to stop me from having accidents.”

Well known as a one-man band, the singer uses loop pedals onstage to achieve the sound of a full band performance. While he’ll always cherish his pedals he may soon incorporate other musicians.

“I think I’ll always have a loop pedal in the show but I think I’ll grow a band around it,” he said. “I think that’s where it’s heading – making a show with lots of different moments where maybe there are two songs with a band and then one song in the middle with the pedal. There’ll be all sorts of different things but I think that’s still five years away. I want to play stadiums everywhere using the pedal and once I’ve done that then I’ll go to a band.”

While Sheeran plans to remain on the road through 2018, he has already written dozens of new songs that may appear on his next album, which he has already outlined.

“I’ve probably got about nine songs that I really like. But that could all change tomorrow if I think of nine new songs to replace them,” he said. “There are about 40 that I wrote and haven’t used but nine I really like.”

Sheeran revealed that the next album won’t be called minus, but he’s isn’t done with mathematics. “I’ve got two more mathematical albums,” he said.

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