Cubs Relief Pitcher Injures Himself Taking Off His Pants

By on June 20, 2018
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Injuring yourself is NEVER fun, and it’s even less fun when you don’t have a cool story to go along with it, right? Like, see this scar? That’s from that one time I saved a child from a burning building!!

And, while we’ve probably all injured ourselves in some pretty DUMB ways, can you top this? Baseball is in full swing and Chicago Cubs closer Brandon Morrow is out for a few games… because he hurt himself TAKING OFF HIS PANTS!!!! Yeah. Really. He says he injured his back taking off his pants. 33 year old Morrow says after their late game Sunday in St. Louis he felt his back spasm as he was taking off his pants.

So, how does something like this happen? No one really knows, considering it’s a pretty simple task to take off your pants. I mean, we’ve been almost doing it since birth! But, we also don’t know how badly he wanted his pants off. When talking about the injury, Brandon Morrow says, “It’s frustrating any time you can’t get out there, and especially when you can’t go because of something stupid like taking your pants off.”

As silly as that is. It isn’t the first time a baseball player has injured themselves in a dumb way. Sammy Sosa was once out of the lineup because of a sneeze!! Not sure, which is more embarrassing!! Check out some of the DUMBEST ways our listeners have injured themselves on the Dan and Michelle Facebook Page. Click HERE.

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