Creepy: Amazon Alexa Records Private Conversation And Sends It To Man’s Business Contact

By on May 25, 2018
(Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

This is why we don’t have a smart speaker. This stuff just creeps me out!

A woman up in Portland, Oregon says her Alexa recorded a private conversation inside their home and then SENT it to someone on her husband’s contact list. She and her husband had no idea until they received a phone call from one of her husband’s business associates in Seattle who told them he had received a recording of a conversation they were having about hardwood flooring. They contacted Amazon who did a little investigating and found that it did indeed happen, but that it’s a very rare occurrence. It’s believed that their Alexa responded to a combination of random words it heard which then triggered the reaction to send the recording to a random person on the contact list.

Amazon says it is taking a closer look at what exactly happened and will work to make sure this type of thing is less likely to happen again.


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