Adele Fans Claim She’s…Too Skinny?

Adele Fans Claim She’s…Too Skinny? The singer was spotted at the beach along with Harry Styles and James Corden this weekend and fans had a lot to say. Aside from the hopes of a collab between Styles and...

tom hanks

Tom Hanks Cries While Receiving Award

Last night at the Golden Globes, Tom Hanks took the stage to receive the Cecil B. deMille award. There’s no crying in baseball, but there is at award shows (and for Wilson the volleyball). Watch his emotional...

Help Wildlife Affected by Australian Wildfires

Bushfires have been ravaging Australia for months, devastating towns, rural communities, livelihoods, and wildlife. So far fires have burned 12 million acres. In the midst of these fires, we often forget about the...

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