A Broadway Musical Based Off ‘The Notebook’ Is In The Works

A new Broadway musical, based off the Nicholas Sparks novel, ‘The Notebook’, Is being developed with Ingrid Michaelson creating the music.

By NathanG on January 11, 2019
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The acclaimed romance novel and movie, The Notebook, is reportedly being developed into a Broadway musical.

According to E! News, Ingrid Michaelson made the announcement Thursday morning on the Today show. Michaelson also revealed that she was in charge of writing the music for the upcoming show. On Today, with Hoda Kotb, Michaelson announced: “I’m writing a musical, and the musical is The Notebook.”

Michaelson shared how she has been working on the new music for close to a year and a half. Additionally, Bekah Brunstetter, writer for This Is Us, is drafting the book for the show. 

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When asked about the creative process for developing music to a musical, Michaelson expressed the unique situation she found herself. “It’s so different when you’re writing for a character,” she explained. “It’s been really different and really interesting for me to write from these perspectives and just the idea of this undying love and of loss and memory—I can’t stop writing them. I’m gonna have too many.”

What are your thoughts on a Notebook musical? What would you hope to see?

To read more about the upcoming Notebook musical, click here.

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