‘Blue’s Clues’ Is Coming Back!

Remember Steve and his handy, dandy notebook?

By Admin on March 6, 2018
(Photo By Getty Images)

Remember Steve and his handy, dandy notebook? Me too! Blues Clues was a children’s television show that featured a live actor and computer animated set’s and cartoon characters.

Yahoo reports, “As Nickelodeon looks to revive its fortunes, the network is turning to a colorful page in its handy-dandy notebook, bringing back Blue’s Clues in a 20-episode order.

The animated preschool classic, which features a live-action host, will have what the network calls a “refreshed signature look.” An open casting call for the high-profile host role will be held in Southern California on April 14, the network said. Production on the reboot will start this summer.”

Maybe I should audition?

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