You Better Hurry, These $122 Lettuce Sandals Are Going Fast! [PIC]

A vegan shoe designer made some sandals that look like lettuce, and they even come wrapped in clear plastic for a small fee of $122.

By DAVID on October 2, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Avocado ones would go even faster. Bah dum pssh. Ok but seriously, these $122 sandals are made out of lettuce? Rubber that looks like lettuce? We’ll figure that out together.

So the sandals are from the company called Rombaut. They’re a vegan-footwear company. It looks to me like the lettuce is some sort of rubber-clone. They made a red cabbage version too.

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Um, so yeah. Let’s back up. Mr. Rombaut is a vegan, and decided to start a shoe company. It’s a very new company, but he’s making strides (see what I did there) in the industry. He’s caught the attention of various celebrities, including supermodel Bella Hadid. He also makes some art projects, including the original inspiration for his salad shoes. He wrapped a foot in lettuce, sat a cactus down as a heel, and snapped a picture. That design sort of became these sandals. “I wanted to communicate that the brand was vegan. We made these sculptures out of vegetables and we were placing these posters around Paris and as an invitation for the showroom. Ever since, I have been doing that… I always wanted to make them real so you could actually wear them,” Mats Rombaut says.

The salad sandals are available for pre-order for $122. They even come “wrapped” in clear plastic, like you’d see vegetables at the grocery store. There are only 50 pairs available, so they’re honestly probably all gone by now. The red cabbage ones came out yesterday (October 1st) in Paris. So if you’re there and want a pair, those might still be around. The website is here, if you’re curious, and more info on the shoes can be seen here.

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