Apple Acquires Rights To Produce Charlie Brown And Peanuts Content

Apple has recently sealed a deal with DHX Media, to acquire the rights to create original Charlie Brown and Peanuts content for Apple services.

By NathanG on December 14, 2018
(Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

Apple has acquired the rights to produce and publish new Charlie Brown and Peanuts content.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this move follows Apple’s recent activity of building up talent and original programming. A deal was made with DHX Media, to create series, specials and shorts featuring iconic Charles M. Schulz characters such as Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the entire Peanuts gang. DHX is the Canadian-based kids programming company that acquired a stake in the Peanuts franchise in 2017. Alongside Apple, DHX will produce all of the projects.

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Part of DHX’s deal with Apple will also include the production of STEM-related content that will be released exclusively for Apple, and feature Snoopy as an astronaut. 

With children’s programming one of the most sought after markets, Apple’s acquisition of Peanuts programming cements them in that demographic. The Peanuts brand also remains a solid draw for older demographics, with the annual holiday specials drawing adults 18-49.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s partnership with DHX and production of Peanuts content?

To read more about the recent entertainment deal, click here.

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