Amazon Want You To Start Delivery Business!

You could start your own business and partner with Amazon!

By kncipat on June 29, 2018
SACRAMENTO, CA – AUGUST 10: A view of a new Amazon fulfillment center that is under construction on August 10, 2017 in Sacramento, California. Amazon is preparing to open a new 855,000-square-foot warehouse, the tenth in California, by early October and is expected to hire nearly 1,500 people. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Amazon needs you!

Mashable writes, “Amid soaring sales, the Seattle-based e-commerce giant launched the Amazon Delivery Service Partner program this week to convince you— yes, you— to get delivering packages.

The new program goes a huge step beyond the gig economy side-hustle that is Amazon Flex. The Amazon Delivery Service Partner program wants entrepreneurs to start your very own package delivery business — even if those entrepreneurs have no prior experience with shipping logistics..”

They even have a program to get you a truck and everything. It actually sounds pretty cool. Mashable has more info here.

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