Amazon Debuting Documentary About Mariah Carey’s Hit Christmas Song

Amazon Music has announced a new documentary, collaborating with Mariah Carey and focusing on her smash hit Christmas Song.

By NathanG on December 6, 2019
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcp)

Amazon is celebrating the perfect combination of Christmas and Mariah Carey, in their upcoming mini-documentary about the singer and her Christmas hit.

According to Popsugar, Amazon Music released a trailer on December 4, for the documentary Mariah Carey Is Christmas: The Story of “All I Want For Christmas Is You. The mini-documentary will reportedly celebrate Carey and her iconic 1994 holiday hit. Set to release later this month, the documentary will delve into the story behind “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, and its meteoric rise to success. Since 2011, the song has stayed at No. 1 on Billboard’s holiday chart, for 36 cumulative weeks.

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In the trailer, Cary’s longtime collaborator, Randy Jackson, commented on the incredible success of the song. “To come up with an original holiday song that becomes a hit [is] next to impossible,” Jackson stated. Now, 25 years after the song’s release, audiences will learn the history and creation of Mariah Carey’s now legendary song and first Christmas album, Merry Christmas, in October 1994. 

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To read more about the new Amazon documentary, click here.

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