A Majority Of Christmas Gifts Are Forgotten By Next Christmas

It’s nothing to take personally, but more than half of the presents we give or receive for Christmas will be totally forgotten about by next Christmas.

By DAVID on December 20, 2018
(Photo by Sherman/Three Lions/Getty Images)

It’s true stuff, a majority of the presents that we either give or receive are forgotten about by the time next Christmas gets here. Let’s have a quick quiz – what’d you get last year? Yeah, thought so.

It’s Christmas time, which means shopping. Shopping means spending money, of course. We always hope we’re spending cash on the right items for people. We hope that they’ll appreciate, love, and take care of the things we buy them. But sometimes even if they do love what we get them, the item just gets forgotten after a while. Some research was conducted by Groupon, and they determined that 53% of all gifts are “forgotten” over time. So that means by next Christmas, more than half of the things you give people for Christmas will be forgotten by the time you buy them more things for next Christmas.

The President of Groupon himself says about the research that the best things are basically practical things, or something that other people may notice. “It’s incredibly stressful to find the perfect gift that our loved ones will cherish forever, but it doesn’t have to be this way… We found that the gifts people remember the most are those that are given with love from someone they care about, fill a need, provide a great memory, have a sentimental meaning and result in compliments from other people.” Those are big shoes to fill, I suppose. But, don’t take it too hard, really, most of us are in the same boat. It’s about giving and being with loved ones in general, isn’t it?

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