Generous 9-Year-Old Uses Birthday Party To Raise Money For Animal Shelter

She’s only 9 and thinking about how to help others.

By Pacey on April 11, 2018
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Hadley Gray wanted to celebrate her 9th birthday with lots of gifts, but not for her. Instead, the third grader asked for specific items to help homeless people and shelter dogs.

Hadley’s birthday party invitations included a “wish list” of items to be donated.

“I was planning my birthday party and I looked in my room to see anything I would need or want, and there was nothing I needed or wanted,” Hadley told

Her guests stepped up, some giving cash so she could go shopping for more supplies such as crates, pet food, blankets, toys and shampoo. Many of those supplies were donated to the Maricopa County Animal Shelter in Mesa Arizona where Hadley got to meet some of the recipients of her generosity, including a bunch of newborn puppies.

“It makes me feel really proud of her,” said Hadley’s mom, Angella Gray. “She’s 9 and already thinking of other people.”

Hadley and her mom both hope the birthday charity effort inspires others to help people and pets in need.

Check out Hadley’s heartwarming story HERE.

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