3 Emojis that Make You Seem “More Likable”

By djsheryl on October 14, 2022
(Photo by Jörg Carstensen/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Gen Z may be giving the “thumbs up” emoji a big thumbs down for making them feel attacked, but there are three emojis that can make someone more likable.

Adobe did a study of emoji users in five states, including California. They found that emojis are a great way to connect and express yourself when you don’t have the right words. “Emoji are a great way to mitigate potential misunderstandings — a quick smiley face on the end of your message can go a long way,” says an Adobe representative.

According to the study…The emoji blowing a heart kiss, the blushing smiley circled by hearts and the heart-eyed emoji were rated as the top three emoticons that “make you more likable.” Of course, using them with colleagues and coworkers could easily backfire, so use with caution.

…and in case you’re wondering…the three emojis that make you LESS likable? The poo emoji, the frowny face, and the eggplant were the most mentioned.

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