Yellowstone Geyser Erupts Garbage!

Can you believe that? Our Earth is crazy!

By kncipat on October 6, 2018
(Photo by Michael Smith/Newsmakers/Getty)

This story is too crazy to be false. Yahoo says, “A Yellowstone National Park thermal spring erupted to its greatest height in more than 60 years last month, with some surprising downfall: among the rocks and steaming water, park officials found coins, plastic utensils, part of a cinder block, crumpled foil, cans, and other debris.”

Then we get to the actual stuff they found, which they shared in this Facebook post:

After Ear Spring erupted on September 15, employees found a strange assortment of items strewn across the landscape…

Posted by Yellowstone National Park on Monday, September 24, 2018

Can you believe that? Our Earth is crazy!

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