Woman Escapes Tubbs Fire With Miniature Horse In Car [WATCH]

Lauren Mesaros was thinking fast as she escaped the fire.

By Doug Lazy on October 19, 2017
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Escaping the Tubbs fire, Lauren Mesaros had to think fast to save her miniature horse Stardust. She grabbed a carrot and tried to coax the horse into her Honda.

Mesaros said:

“Truthfully, we didn’t even think about whether he would fit or not. We said — ‘We got to go’ — so we opened the two back doors, I stood at one end with a carrot and my friend Carol was behind him. As soon as he saw the carrot, he jumped into the back seat.”

She had been trapped on her property until she had no choice but to move to safer grounds on Monday morning, CBS news reports.

Mesaros was singing to Stardust in order to calm him down during the car ride:

“It’s a 30-minute drive [to a ranch that was safe]. I knew I had to keep calm…He [the horse] was calmer than I was.”

They made it back safe in their pasture on Tuesday, but Mesaros mentioned a lingering effect of the ordeal: “My Honda will never smell the same again.”

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