Why You’re More Likely to See A Rattlesnake Than Ever Before

By djsheryl on May 26, 2022
01–05–12 (Ventura) –– Watch your step: A rattlesnake can release about 130 different toxins during a bite. 5/9/2001 – File photo of a Mojave rattlesnake made in the High Desert. (Photo by George Wilhelm/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Lots of people may be moving out of California, but the rattlesnake population here is booming1 Iin fact, rattlesnakes are the fastest growing animal population in California. That means you are more likely than ever to see one while enjoying the great outdoors. Scientists say there are a couple of reasons for the exploding rattlesnake population. Climate change is one reason. As California gets warmer, it becomes more of a habitat that snakes can thrive in. In fact, towns along Hwy 50 are becoming “rattlesnake boomtowns”

Experts say awareness when outdoors is important. If hiking, stay on trails and watch where you’re stepping. Avoid rock, wood and other debris piles. Store wood away from the footprint of your house and if you do see one, give it space, don’t poke it or stay and have a staring contest. Ken Paglia, a spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife says, “Given the opportunity, they’ll move away, but if they feel threatened or prevented from escaping, they’ll defend themselves.” He adds. “…And never, ever step in places where you can’t see.”

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