‘Walking Dead’ Actor Adopts Inseparable Donkey & Emu Duo

Rescuers learned this the hard way, not to separate the pair when the Jack started crying and the Diane got frantic.

By Marilyn Nelson on December 4, 2018
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Jack and Diane are an odd couple. The bonded donkey and emu fell in love on a South Carolina farm and were rescued when their owner vanished. 

After seeing how inseparable the pair were, the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue wanted to make sure the two stayed together. An internet post about the pair generated thousands of inquires. One of those inquiring came from ‘Walking Dead’ actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the villainous Negan on the show. 

“It was clear he is an animal lover and his farm was fabulous,” Jennifer Gordon, founder of the nonprofit Carolina Waterfowl Rescue told the Charlotte Observer. “I am embarrassed to say I had to ask who that was. I don’t really watch a lot of television. I definitely knew who he was when I saw the picture. I have seen episodes of the ‘Walking Dead.’”

Morgan apparently found out about Jack and Diane on social media, and tweeted that he’d be “happy to take them, and keep them together at our farm.” 

Morgan officially adopted the pair on Tuesday and intends to let them live out their affair on his farm in New York State’s Hudson Valley region, says Gordon.

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