Trooper Pulls Over Former Police Officer Who Delivered Him In Front Of His Mom’s House 27 Years Earlier

By Felicia Czochanski on June 8, 2018
(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

A state trooper in New Jersey state trooper thought he was making a more routine traffic stop when he was shocked to learn they’d actually met 27 years ago under much different circumstances. When Trooper Patterson started talking with Matthew Bailly, he learned he was a retired cop who used to work in Patterson’s hometown. He also mentioned how while on duty he had delivered a baby outside her home about 27 years ago. As the crazy circumstances would have it, Trooper Patterson was born 27 years ago in front of his mother’s house and was delivered by a cop. Shocked at realizing who he had pulled over, Patterson said to the man, “My name is Michael Patterson, sir. Thank you for delivering me.”

They were both stunned and have made plans to get together and have a reunion of sorts!

And… in case you’re wondering… NO! He did not get a ticket or a warning!


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