The Story About How A Journey Cassette Tape Caused A Building Evacuation

A building had to be evacuated due to a suspicious-looking package that was discovered, which just turned out to be a “vintage” music format.

By DAVID on October 31, 2018
(Photo Illustration by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Journey, like, the band Journey, caused a building evacuation early yesterday morning. It happened in Downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. Specifically, it was the Duke Energy Center, which shares offices with Wells Fargo, utilities providers, and a couple handfuls of other big companies. A big problem, as you can probably assume.

So, here’s how everything happened. Remember how there were suspicious packages being mailed to politicians over the past couple weeks? Well, the mailroom at the building was sorting some mail when they saw an envelope. It was a regular, plain manilla envelope with “suspicious handwriting” on it. The package was apparently simply addressed to “Duke Energy,” with no specific person’s name.

The workers in the mailroom didn’t want to take a chance and called the police. I can’t blame them really, you never know, especially considering the types of businesses in the building. Well, police arrived to check out the scene. The building was evacuated, and roads were closed around the building for a couple hours. Bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in, and traffic was backing up in the area. The police did all their work trying to figure out what the package contained. Eventually, they opened it, and pulled out a cassette tape. Journey, as-in “Don’t Stop Believin.'” No idea why, from who, or for whom, but some other details were apparently being withheld. See some more info on the story over here.

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