Thanks For Coming To Our Camp Fire Benefit Concert!

Thanks for coming to our Camp Fire Benefit Concert, starring Matt Nathanson and Carly Pearce! Together, we raised over $60,000 to help the Salvation Army’s efforts in the Camp Fire. Check out all the photos and footage from the show below!

All the action onstage:[0]=68.ARASpSUixehPfACCZfoNQr0UxKp2Mz5FgAUtwRFH7BQpTjRdRVgvI1nolITVROoXnQkzZd2Gqx03Dm7Nt20P4wPgwEgGugYnYKojsmSXqLs6KFYv6HhHG28HnmsxsJbBAOpPTSpxsT-w5g3TVId6qfS1gdFfLRnMaZ9gMUurxptAGvW41Rp7fM4iQwTdiFpdKPY_Mdhe3k_hHlYITfMaBSBlFDV3QsJkQJ4PPT1Tb2bQf_msL96AntN_ESgOPGQFEXaNU_N7K4GQ02a12l1Dk0xb78NHrhwenw45MYvLI08ENhE7SbQ7iqJHPjKu8gXxMzd06PiYFDfO2x7zddoz1SlB4ws&__tn__=-R

Photos from the show:

Thanks to your donations in ticket sales:


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What an amazing night! Thanks to YOU GUYS, our #CampFireBenefitConcert just gave the #SalvationArmy over $60,000! 🎉

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