Sure We Buy Coffee, But For $1,000?

Coffee is a hot-topic for a lot of people, and some people are willing to pay outrageous prices for even just one cup of the stuff.

By on June 8, 2018
(Photo by Christopher Jue/Getty Images)

Ok, we like coffee. It gets us going in the mornings, it smells wonderful. Whether we make some at home or buy a cup on the way to work, we still pay something for the cup. Depending on how much you love it, you may pay a little more than average. And that’s for a really good cup. But would you pay $1,000 for some coffee?

Some of the most expensive coffees in the world are fetching a really high price. Like, $55 per cup sort of price. Maybe $1,000? There are a lot of things in life that I love, but paying even double-digits for those things (keep it clean, guys) is ridiculous, nevermind a full thousand or more. Anyway, some people are paying that, so we thought we’d find the most expensive coffees from all over the world.

Black Ivory Coffee says it’s the world’s “rarest,” and claims it’s “Naturally Refined by Elephants.” What that means is that elephants eat the coffee beans, then poop them out. They slap a price tag on the package of about $1,000 per pound. That’s a lot to drop on some droppings.

Esmeralda Geisha 601 is a rare coffee from Panama. It goes for about $55 per cup here in the states. No poop, at least not until after you drink it.

Kopi Luwak. Look, we’re not trying to find coffees that animals poop out, they’re just there. These beans are eaten by an Asian palm civet. It’s sort of like a cat, but not, and from Southeast Asia. Anyway, they eat beans, poop, and then people take their poo and sell it (after some more refining, of course) for about $100-$500 per pound.

Starbucks has a special blend, too. They call it “St. Helena,” and it sells for about $80 for a little over a half-pound. No poop in that one.

Check out some more outrageously-priced coffee info here. What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a cup of animal p – I mean cup of coffee?

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