Summer’s Weirdest Way to Cool Off…Ketchup Popsicles!

By djsheryl on June 21, 2022
(Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Weird ice cream flavors have been a thing for a while…and when Salt & Straw opens in the Ice Blocks, you’ll be able to try all the weird ice cream you want!

In the meantime, our neighbors to the North are enjoying ketchup popsicles. The folks at French’s teamed up with Happy Pops, a local Canadian business specializing in all-natural ice pops made from real fruit and sweetened with organic cane sugar. Together, they created “Frenchcicles“, currently available in Toronto and Ontario for a limited time.

If you can’t get to Canada this week to try ’em, you can make ketchup popsicles at home with this recipe. Bon Appetit! If you try ’em, please tell me if they are delicious or disgusting!

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