Stockton Schools And Public Transit, Offering Students Free Rides

The Stockton Unified School District has announced its partnership with Stockton public transit, allowing students to take free bus rides all year round.

By NathanG on August 2, 2019
(Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images)

Middle and high school students, in the Stockton Unified School District, will now be able to ride public buses for free year round.

According to ABC 10, the San Joaquin Regional Transit District buses are offering students these free rides. Stockton Unified School District Superintendent, John Deasy, praised the program, saying: “So, this is an amazing opportunity for our familes and particularly our youth.” He also shared how community leaders have met throughout the year, attempting to find an option for students to get to school and lower chronic absenteeism.

Through the two-year pilot program, students are able to use the bus service for after-school programs and can take the bus to community centers, libraries, jobs, and medical appointments. All students need to do is show their student ID. “There’s going to be no reason not to get to school, no reason,” Deasy affirmed.

What do you think about this program for Stockton students?

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