Sorry East Coast – No In-N-Out For You!

But, by all means…come visit!

By kncipat on October 13, 2018
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Safe Kids Worldwide )

To my friends on the east coast, our life out here consists of movie-stars and double-double’s! Many have commented to me that they wish In-N-Out would make it’s way to the east coast, but that may not happen. Ever.

ABC 7 reports, “Lynsi Snyder, the beloved burger chain’s president, told Forbes magazine that In-N-Out will not branch out to the East Coast in her lifetime. She said she prefers that the chain remains “unique” to the West Coast area.

Snyder’s grandparents founded In-N-Out in 1948 in Baldwin Park and slowly expanded into other Southern California locations.

Later, the chain moved into Northern California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon and Texas.”

Sorry ’bout it east coast! But, by all means…come visit!

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