Shelter Cats Learning To High Five To Increase Chance Of Getting Adopted

Check out how you can win $5000 for the shelter of your choice!

By Pacey on April 11, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Animal shelters across the country are teaching their cats how to high five to make them even more adorable and adoptable.

Cat Pawsitive is a program created by The Jackson Galaxy Project, a charitable foundation that believes in the power of high fives. According to People, they are traveling across the U.S teaching shelters how to train cats in their care to do tricks like giving high fives and jumping through hoops.

With their new skills, shelter volunteers show how the cats are engaged and ready to connect with a new forever family. Learning the tricks through lots of positive reinforcement and attention is also helping boost the cat’s confidence and decrease stress levels. Shelters can be scary!

Meanwhile, from now until National High Five Day on April 19th, shelters and cat owners sharing their furry friend’s high five pics and videos on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #CatPawsitive and the tags @JacksonGalaxyProject and @HaloPets have a shot at winning a $5000 cash grant and 10,000 bowls of Halo pet food for a shelter of their choice.

Learn more about the contest and how to give your cat the power of the high five at

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