Science Proves Having A Sister Is Good For Your Mental Health

According to a recent study, it turns out that having a sister has been shown to enforce positive mental health in other siblings!

By Admin on March 22, 2018
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Geffen Records)

It turns out that having a sister promotes positive mental health in other siblings!

The Journal of Family Psychology in 2010 published a study that examined 400 families with multiple siblings. Researchers looked at families that specifically had at least one sibling between the ages of 10-14.

The results showed that siblings with sisters were better at empathizing, communicating, and resolving conflicts, reports Goodfullness. Laura Padilla-Walker, the study’s author, said that even fighting wasn’t too serious: “as long as they have affection, the  positive will win out.”

Since sisters are more likely to be communicative, siblings with sisters tend to talk out problems. The research also shows that sisters work harder to keep the family together after parents have passed away. And, of course, boys with sisters are better at communicating with women in general.

So even though you may have some fights with your siblings, remember the benefits of having one!

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