Sacramento Zoo Eyeing New Locations – Away From Land Park

The zoo could double or even triple in size

By Pacey on October 4, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

With the Sacramento Zoo’s 100th birthday looming in 2027,  zoo officials are weighing their options.

While there had been recent discussions about at $75 million renovation, the Sacramento Bee says zoo officials are now considering pulling up stakes at it’s longtime Land Park home for bigger, for a more spacious location.

The zoo’s new director, Jason Jacobs, plans to look into relocating the zoo for several reasons. Along with limited parking and being landlocked there is also the inability to showcase certain species due to strict standards.

While the project is still in the discussion stage, zoo officials have been talking with architects and animal experts about the new vision.  Jacobs says the Sacramento Zoo could double or even triple in size. But that all depends on a new locations and available financing.


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