Sacramento Rent Now Among Highest In U.S.

Sacramento apartments are more expensive than New York and Washington D.C.

By Marilyn Nelson on June 2, 2021
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Sacramento is a great place to live. It’s perfectly located for day trips to San Francisco, Tahoe and Napa. It’s affordability use to be one of its best features, until now.

According to Apartment List, and reported by the Sacramento Bee, a typical apartment in Sacramento rents for $1,760. That’s $25 more than the New York City-Jersey Metro area. In the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria metro area rents are about $15 less than Sacramento.

To comfortably afford a median priced apartment in Sacramento, your household would need to earn at least $70, 000. However, almost half don’t make that much according to the latest census figures.

In the past year Sacramento has passed Boulder, CO, Bridgeport, CT and Seattle WA with the most expensive rental market

Why? As people flee San Francisco and other Bay Area towns looking for affordable housing, they are driving up the prices in Sacramento.

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