Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Go Crazy During Taylor Swift Concert [Video]

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were seen excitedly freaking out at the Taylor Swift concert on Saturday.

By on July 30, 2018
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Over the weekend, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were seen partying it up at the Taylor Swift concert in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Fans who spied the couple at the show witnessed their explosion of excitement when Swift began singing her single, ‘Gorgeous’. The reason for Reyonlds’ and Lively’s freak out was that their 3-year-old daughter actually has a featured voiceover on the intro to Taylor Swift’s song.  The proud parents celebrated wildly during the concert as soon as they heard the familiar voice of their daughter, James, starting off the song. According to Entertainment Weekly, Lively was seen jumping excitedly as she filmed on her phone and Reynolds raised his hands to give props to their daughter, as her voice echoed through Gillette Stadium before Swift began the song.

The 3-year-old superstar is actually even credited in Swift’s album, Reputation. James is listed in the album credits as “baby intro voice — James Reynolds”.  Regarding his daughter’s early pop-star success, Reynolds has shared his experiences dealing with James’ newfound music stardom. According to ET Online, Reynolds joked on Good Morning America how hearing her voice in a song has given his daughter a “terrible ego problem” and joking that she is now “insufferable”.

For more information on the proud parent moment of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and to see video of their excited freak out, click here.

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