Rancho Cordova Woman Wins Big Food Network Prize

A local woman just won big time on a Food Network show with her cookies, and you can get some for yourself this weekend in her pop-up shops.

By DAVID on December 21, 2018
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Her name is Lisa He, and she just won a pretty big prize. She was on Food Network’s “Christmas Cookie Challenge” which aired earlier this month. You might have seen it.

Well, she won that challenge, and rightfully so. Her cookies look absolutely amazing! Lisa lives here in Sacramento, specifically in Rancho Cordova. She gave a nice shout-out on the show as well, which is always good. The best thing about Lisa and her cookies though – she doesn’t run a bakery or restaurant somewhere. Her day job is for a software startup company in the medical industry. Her cookies come out of her home kitchen – she makes these as a side job. Awesome! She may have to turn to a full-size bakery soon though, she’s had a huge spike in orders since the show aired.

Lisa will have a couple pop-up shops in town this Saturday though. One of them will be at Camelia Coffee Roasters. They’re on R Street, and Lisa will be there from 9am to 1pm. Her next one will be from 2:30pm to 4:30pm at Station 38 Coffee on J St. If you want some award-winning cookies, now’s your chance. The award, by the way, was a $10,000 cash prize, which Lisa says she’s giving to her parents after some things happened to them this year. Here’s a lot more information on the story.

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