It’s Raining Kittens In Florida, You Guys [PIC]

During the hurricane in Florida, a family discovered that there were some newborn kittens hiding in their attic after they came crashing down through the ceiling.

By on October 11, 2018
(Photo by Putu Sayoga/Getty Images)

Hurricane Michael has come and gone through Florida, leaving a massive path of flooding and destruction behind. Something else it left was a family of kittens that fell from a family’s ceiling.

Ok, so it wasn’t LITERALLY raining kittens, but they did come from above. As the family was preparing to leave their home that was being damaged, four kittens fell out of their ceiling. The family had no idea that the cats were up there, and so far haven’t found the mother. The homeowner says “My cousin took the kittens and said, ‘y’all aren’t gonna die on our watch’ and took them out the backdoor.” Look at these little fellas!

That family member is taking care of the kittens for now, but they’re available for adoption. There hasn’t been any sign of the mother cat for now, still. Hopefully she’s just hiding out somewhere, but for now, the kittens are being taken care of. Check out some more on their story over here.

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