Queen Elizabeth The Target Of Failed Assassination Attempt

According to recently declassified documents, Queen Elizabeth II was the target of a failed 1981 assassination attempt in New Zealand by 17-year-old Christopher Lewis.

By Motherly on March 1, 2018
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Queen Elizabeth II is England’s longest reigning monarch. While it’s definitely nice being the head of the Royal family, there are definitely a few downsides as well…

According to TMZ, the Queen was actually the target of a failed assassination attempt in New Zealand in the 80s.

Recently declassified documents reveal that the Queen almost died while on a 1981 trip to Dunedin. The New Zealand’s Security Intelligence Service is revealing that a 17-year-old boy named Christopher Lewis actually fired a shot at the Queen while she was waving to the crowd during a parade.

Police were able to apprehend Lewis fast, finding a rifle and a spend gun cartridge in building near the parade. However, the New Zealand government did not want to lose future Royal tours because of it. With this in mind, police later claimed the gunshot was really just a falling sign and journalists were told by police to not report on the incident.

The documents also reveal that Christopher Lewis meant to kill the Queen, but did not face any charges for it. Instead, he went to jail for illegally discharging a firearm. Sadly, he later went on to commit several armed robberies, and even went to jail for murder. He eventually made the choice to commit suicide in prison in 1997.

Queen Elizabeth was quite literally able to dodge a bullet in this case, and we are happy it all worked out okay.

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