Paula Abdul Falls Off Stage, Continues Show Afterwards [VIDEO]

Paula Abdul had a scary moment over the weekend when she fell off the stage and into the crowd at her third show on her solo tour.

By on October 22, 2018
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Oops! She wasn’t injured badly at all though, and was able to continue the show. The show must go on, right?

Paula Abdul is currently in Biloxi, Mississippi on her Straight Up Paula! 2018 Tour, and had a small incident on Saturday. It’s the third stop on her tour, which is her first solo tour in 25 years. She was on tour last year with New Kids on the Block and Boys II Men. Paula was in the middle of “The Promise of a New Day” as she was walking towards the front of the stage. She was walking on time with her clapping, and I guess she misjudged how much space she had. Paula stepped right off the stage, tumbling into the first row. You could hear shocked audience members scream, but the worst part was the “thud” that you could hear when she went down.

Reports from the show say that she got right up and back on stage to continue the show afterwards. We’re glad she wasn’t hurt too badly, as she has had a history of injuries over the years. Back in 1992 she was in a car crash, and in 1993, a plane crash. The plane crash left her to have 15 surgeries on her spine, which left her in chronic pain. So as you can see, even a simple mis-step on flat ground could hurt her, so the fall off stage was especially concerning. Hopefully she’s all-well and doesn’t have any delayed injuries. See some more info here.

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