Parents Get Court Involved In Evicting 30-Year-Old Son From Home

A couple in New York is tormented by their son who just won’t leave home on his own, even after court orders and eviction notices.

By on May 16, 2018
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

These days it’s pretty common for kids to live at home until their early 20s. They’re going through college, maybe take a year before locking down that job, then need to save some cash. 24, 25, maybe 26 years old isn’t that uncommon. By the time you’re 30, you should at least be on your way to establishing yourself. These parents have just had enough of their 30-year-old son, Michael.

We’re not entirely sure what the 30-year-old did to get under his parents’ last nerve. I mean, clearly he hasn’t held a job and hasn’t been putting much effort into things. But if there’s more to the story we’re not sure. It sounds like the parents in this case have offered a lot of help still, and now they’re leaving it up to the courts. They actually got court documents to get the ball rolling on an eviction. They’re literally officially evicting their son from their home. It makes sense, but of course isn’t something most of us would actually go through with doing.

It started with a note from dad in February (2nd). The note basically said the son had 14 days to get out, and that they would take any actions necessary to enforce it. Later that same month (the 13th), the official eviction notice. The parents even gave a generous (probably mandatory) 30-day period (March 15th deadline) to get his things and get out. On March 18th, they even gave him $1,100 dollars, and several pieces of advice on how to function in the real world.

After no response, and being ignored, on March 30th (15 days past the deadline) he’s still there. They demand that he at least gets rid of the broken car on the driveway. They even offer to pay for repairs or removal. Then, in April, a month past the deadline, the parents find out they need a supreme court judge to remove a family member. Most recently (May 7th), the parents have filed a petition to have him removed. Michael so far has made zero effort to leave, and hasn’t responded to any of his parents court requests. See more on the nightmare story here.

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