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Starting Next Year, McDonald’s May Start Selling Bacon Cheese Fries

New information has released that reveals that McDonald’s may be adding all-new bacon cheese fries to the menu next year.

McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. may be following other McDonald’s from Canada and Spain, by adding bacon cheese fries to their menu.

According to Daily Mail, McDonald’s is looking to debut these cheesy, bacon-covered French fries early next year. Photos of the new menu item were reportedly leaked, showing the bacon and cheese-covered fries in their McDonald’s packaging. When asked, a McDonald’s representative only provided cryptic hints. “I’m afraid I’ll have to provide a cheesy no comment,” they said. “At this moment, our kitchens are bacon-ing something together. But we’re not yet ready to share the gouda news.”

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Some restaurants in Hawaii and Northern California are reportedly already selling them. These tests have seemingly proved successful, and news suggests that they’ll be coming to all stores in the country soon. Additional sources claimed that these new fries would reportedly use a new type of bacon, different from other menu items.

McDonald’s has previously tested different versions of cheese fries. Last year, they sold limited edition loaded bacon and cheese fries baskets across four states.

What do you think of this new menu edition? Will you give it a try when it rolls out?

To read more about McDonald’s and the bacon fries, click here.


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