New Movie Being Filmed in Sacramento Right Now

By djsheryl on February 23, 2023
(Photo by PhotoPlus Magazine/Future via Getty Images)

If you see film crews near Del Paso, here’s what’s going on…a new movie about homelessness is being filmed in North Sacramento right now. It’s called “No Address” and is dedicated to telling the story of people who wound up on the streets and “never thought it would happen to them.” The film stars William Baldwin and Beverly D’Angelo. The cast also includes Grammy Award-winning singer Ashanti, who will also contribute a song for the soundtrack.

The film is being produced by Rocklin-based Robert Craig films and is partly funded by an Indiegogo campaign. Their goal is to raise awareness and to help end homelessness. They are shooting for a November release date.
In the meantime, find out more about “‘No Address” at the film’s official website.

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