Netflix New Series ‘Jailbirds’ Goes Inside Sacramento County Jail

The Sacramento County Jail is the focus of the new Netflix prison docuseries ‘Jailbirds’. 

By Marilyn Nelson on May 7, 2019
(Photo by Matias Nieto/Cover/Getty Images)

Following the success of the critically acclaimed, Orange is the New Black, Netflix is taking us back to jail with the gritty new docuseries, Jailbirds. The reality show focuses on the women inside the Sacramento County Jail, where about 10% of the population is female.

“At the Sacramento County Jail, incarcerated women fight the power and one another as they try to make the best of life — and love — on the inside,” according to the Netflix description of the show.

Sacramento County sheriff’s Sgt. Tess Deterding told KCRA that shooting wrapped up a couple months ago. 

Producers had originally gone in with the idea of showing the women utilizing programs while incarcerated, to help them navigate life once released. It did’t quite work out that way once the cameras started rolling.

“A lot of the participants didn’t want to talk about the aspect of it, and they didn’t want to participate in those programs,” Deterding said. “So, it turned out to be more about their lives, their lives in custody and the dramas that kind of go on inside the jail.”

It may be disturbing for some viewers to watch what life is like while in custody.  In many cases it’s not pretty. Incarcerated inmates are locked up for a variety of  offenses including assault with a deadly weapon, home invasion, murder, and robbery. The show delves into what the women do to survive behind bars.

Jailbirds premiers this Friday, May 10th on Netflix. See the preview HERE


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