NASA Discovers Planet That Snows Sunscreen

One side of the planet is constantly daytime and the other always night.

By Sarah Kuta on October 31, 2017
(Photo by NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt via Getty Images)

NASA recently discovered a planet outside our solar system, Kepler-13Ab, that snows sunscreen.

One side of the planet is constantly nighttime and snows titanium oxide, the main ingredient in sunscreen. The other side of this blistering hot planet is constantly facing its host star. According to NASA, the Hubble astronomers “suggest that powerful winds carry the titanium oxide gas around to the colder nighttime side, where it condenses into crystalline flakes, forms clouds, and precipitates as snow.”

The Kepler-13 system sits 1,730 light-years from Earth.

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