Mayo Clinic Reveals They Have A Breast Cancer Vaccine In Clinical Trial And “Doctors Are Very Excited About It”

By on October 17, 2018
Breast Cancer Vaccine
(Photo by David Greedy/Getty Images)

More than likely breast cancer has touched your life in some way. Tens of thousands of women die annually from it, according to ABC 10. But doctor’s are excited about a new vaccine that could drastically lower that number.  The vaccine is now in clinical trials Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL.

Early results from the breast cancer vaccine indicate that it works with few negative side effects.

“The vaccine provides a prevention strategy to deter cancer reformation,” Dr. Keith Knutson, principal investigator of the study told Mayo Clinic News Network. “The body’s T-cells and B-cells synergize with each other for a strong, durable, immune response.”

More research is needed to see if the vaccine is effective against the recurrence of HER2 breast cancer. It’ll also look at how long immunity lasts and if booster shots are needed.

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