Mariah Carey Shows Off Slimmer Body Following Major Weight Loss [PICS]

After getting mocked online for her weight, Mariah Carey underwent gastric sleeve surgery late last year and lost over 30 pounds!

By Motherly on May 15, 2018
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It’s been about six months since Mariah Carey received gastric sleeve surgery, and she looks happier than ever!

According to Inquisitr, the singer has lost over 30 pounds since her surgery late last year.

For those who don’t know, gastric sleeve surgery decreases the size of your stomach so you can’t eat as much as you could before. However, in order to maintain weight loss, a healthy diet and exercise are still necessary.


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Carey made the choice to go through with the surgery after people made fun of her weight online. A source close to the singer also revealed back in November that she is much happier now:

“Mariah underwent the procedure about a month ago, and she is already seeing some good results and she feels a lot better.”

The source also went on to say that Carey changed her diet and is now exercising regularly to maintain her new figure.

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The singer has had struggles with her weight for years. She describes her attempts to stay slender as hard because she loves to eat, she’s big-boned, and hates exercising.

However, we love Mariah Carey at any size! If the surgery helped her feel more comfortable in her skin, then more power to her!

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