Maren Morris Wants To Learn Golf From Niall Horan

Maren Morris is excited to go on tour with Niall Horan. She said that she hopes to learn a thing or two about golf from Niall, who apparently loves the sport!

By Admin on April 2, 2018
maren morris
(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

Maren Morris and Niall Horan are touring together this year!

Maren hopes that the two will get to spend some time writing more together. She also wants to hit the golf course with Niall:

“Well, we obviously have our song, ‘Seeing Blind,’ which is still one of my favorite features or duets I’ve gotten to do. I assume we will be working that up for his show. As far as writing goes, I know that he is a great songwriter. We actually have a lot of mutual friends, co-writers. So I could easily see that happening if he’s down for it.

“I know that Niall is a really big golfer, which I’m not. But I’m hoping I could get out of my comfort zone this summer and we’re going to South America. I’m getting out of my comfort zone by traveling this much but I might go on the golf course and witness a game or two.”

The two bonded when Maren flew out Niall for the CMAs. She got to show how close-knit the country community is. She told Sounds Like Nashville:

“He’s the best guy and he had the best time at the CMAs this past year and he’d never been to a country awards show. So I think he was like enamored at how friendly everyone was and how much everyone is actually friends with each other. He was just bowled over by that. Then I look over and he’s getting Luke Bryan’s number and I just thought that was so adorable. But yeah, he’s a great dude.”

The two will be traveling for Niall’s Flicker Tour starting this summer.

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