Man Prints Fake Money At Library, Sells It, Pays Rent, Gets Caught

If you’re going to print fake money (which we don’t recommend), at least don’t do it at the public library, try to sell it on Facebook, or pay your rent with it.

By DAVID on October 5, 2018
(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Today’s dumb criminal story comes from – *yawn* – Florida again. A guy tried to sell fake money on Facebook, and of course he got caught.

It all starts with a plan, as most crimes do. This was more of a “plan” though. A 28-year-old named Levy decided that he could totally make fake money and sell it for half of the face-value. So he took to the internet, and apparently his Pinterest account. He somehow found a “template” on Pinterest that let him print fake bills. He started his covert, secret operation at the store where he purchased some fancy resume paper. THEN, he headed for his town’s library.

Now, I don’t know about you, but doing illegal things in plain view of the public already isn’t the brightest. But amazingly, nobody caught him while he was printing the fake money. NEXT, he took to Facebook Marketplace. He made a “for sale” post, selling “$500 for just $250.” A quick way to double my money for sure! BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. The guy tried to pay his rent with the fake bills. AND HE BRAGGED ABOUT IT TO HIS LANDLORD. He showed his landlord pages of the money. She called police, and he took off.

When police found him later, he admitted that he printed the money as a joke. The $5’s that his landlord gave to the police proved that wrong though, since he obviously was trying to pay for things with the not-cash. The man also admitted about the whole Facebook thing, though it’s unclear if he actually made that sale. He was charged with “trafficking in stolen property” AND a probation violation. Yep, he’s in jail now, where only good real money can get you bailed out.

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