Lodi Man Discovers Long Lost Brother While Watching Tahoe Snow Report

By djsheryl on February 9, 2022
. (Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

Thanks to dna tests and services like “Ancestry” or “23 & Me”, lots of people are discovering long lost relatives…. or family they didn’t know existed. Well, a guy in Lodi discovered a brother he didn’t know he had….while watching a Tahoe snow report on KCRA! Randy Waites noticed that a man being interviewed, Eddie Waites, had the same last name. Since he had never known his dad, Randy wondered if they could be related. His daughter did some research and……they were brothers! They even grew up less than 30 miles from each other! They’ve met in person and Eddie has been sharing all sorts of family photos and info with Randy. Here’s the story KCRA did about this incredible connection!

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